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ModelLCD replacementBattery replacementCharging connector
iPhone 4490490500
iPhone 4S490490500
iPhone 5890590690
iPhone 5C990590690
iPhone 5S990690750
iPhone SE1190690750
iPhone 61290790900
iPhone 6+1390790900
iPhone 6S1690790900
iPhone 6S+1890990900
iPhone 721908901000
iPhone 7+239010901100
iPhone 8239010901300
iPhone 8+279012901300
iPhone SE 2259011901400
iPhone X419015901700
iPhone XR399014901700
iPhone XS499016901900
iPhone 11499018902000
iPhone 11 Pro539018902390
iPhone 11 Pro Max649018902390
iPhone 121099028902990
iPhone 12 Mini1099028902990
iPhone 12 Pro1299028902990
iPhone 12 Pro Max1499028902990


ModelLCD replacementBattery replacementCharging connector
Galaxy J3 20161990490890
Galaxy J3 20171990890890
Galaxy J42190790790
Galaxy J4 Plus2290890990
Galaxy J5 20161990490890
Galaxy J5 20172090990890
Galaxy J62190890890
Galaxy J6 Plus2190890990
Galaxy J7 20172290990890
Galaxy A3 20162390890890
Galaxy A3 20172490990890
Galaxy A5 20162790890890
Galaxy A5 20172890990890
Galaxy A6 201824909901190
Galaxy A6 Plus 201831909901190
Galaxy A7 201827901090990
Galaxy A8 201828901090990
Galaxy A9 201830901090990
Galaxy A101990990990
Galaxy A201990990990
Galaxy A20e21909901090
Galaxy A21s249010901190
Galaxy A40259010901090
Galaxy A41309010901190
Galaxy A42309011901290
Galaxy A30s249012901190
Galaxy A50299012901190
Galaxy A51339013901290
Galaxy A52359014901390
Galaxy A70339012901190
Galaxy A71359013901290
Galaxy A72399014901390
Galaxy M32s319012901190
Galaxy S63390990890
Galaxy S7359010901690
Galaxy S7 Edge489010901790
Galaxy S8499014901790
Galaxy S8 Plus539014901790
Galaxy S9639015901990
Galaxy S9 Plus699015901990
Galaxy S10729016901990
Galaxy S10e559016901990
Galaxy S10 Plus759018901990
Galaxy S20759018901990
Galaxy S20 Plus759018901990


ModelLCDBattery replacementCharging connector
Y5 II1490690790
Y5 20181690690790
Y5 20191690690790
Y6 Prime 20181690790890
Y6 20191890890990
Y7 Prime 20181990890990
P8 Lite1790690690
P8 Lite 20171990690890
P9 Lite1790690790
P9 Lite 20171990790790
P 10 Lite2190790790
P 102990890890
P Smart 1990890890
P Smart 20192190890890
Nova Smart2290890890
P20 Lite2290890890
P20 3290990990
P20 PRO65901190990
P30 Lite2990


ModelLCD replacementBattery replacementVýměna konektoru 
Honor 5X1690790790
Honor 6A1890790790
Honor 6X1790790790
Honor 71990790790
Honor 7 Lite1790690790
Honor 7A1790790790
Honor 7S1790790790
Honor 7X2190790790
Honor 81990790790
Honor 8 Lite1990790790
Honor 8X2790890790
Honor 8 Pro2990890790
Honor 92790790790
Honor 9 Lite1990790790
Honor 1029901290990
Honor 10 Lite2190990890
Honor View 102790990890
Honor 20 3890990890
Honor 20 Lite2190990890
Honor 20 Pro3890990890


ModelLCD replacementBattery replacementCharging connector
Redmi 4A1590690590
Redmi 4X1690790590
Redmi NOTE 41690590690
Redmi NOTE 51790690590
Redmi NOTE 5A1890790690
Redmi NOTE 6 Pro2190790790
Redmi NOTE 72490890790
Redmi NOTE 8T2290890890
Redmi NOTE 8 Pro2490890890
Redmi NOTE 92490890890
Redmi NOTE 9 Pro2590890890
Redmi 5A1890690590
Redmi 51590690590
Redmi 5 Plus1790690590
Redmi 61790690590
Redmi 6A1790690690
Redmi 71990690690
Redmi 7A1990690690
Redmi 81990690690
Redmi 92190790690
Redmi 9A1990690690
Mi A11790790690
Mi A21890890790
Mi A2 Lite1890890790
Mi A33490890890
Mi 52690890790
Mi 63790990890
Mi 8 Lite2390790790
Mi 8 3890890890
Mi 9 Lite3790890890
Mi 93990890890
Mi 9 SE4790890890
Mi 9T4890890890

Sony Xperia

ModelLCD replacementBattery replacement Charging connector
Z3 compact2390890890
Z5 Compact2890990990
X Compact3190990990

Ostatní služby

  • Cleaning of a heated phone from 300 CZK
  • Stažení media files and contacts to your flash drive from 300 CZK
  • Replacing a scratched or broken glass of camera from 590 CZK
  • Fixed broken 3.5 jack slot from 690 CZK
  • Repair headphones from 490 CZK
  • Replacement microphone from 590 CZK
  • Repair buttons turning on and amplifying the sound from  490 CZK
  • Přehrání software from 490 CZK
  • Sales of accessories from 290 CZK

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